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Metascatter v0.2.0

Metascatter allows you to visualise and explore your image data, and in particular analyse how your deep learning model is performing on both labelled and unlabelled data.

Image Explorer

There are four main pages to the tool, which can be accessed via the icons on the menu on the left of the tool under the Metalynx logo:

  1. Data Manager: upload your data here and set the fields to the correct types for use in the tool
  2. Image Explorer: view and explore your images, filtering and sorting by any metadata
  3. Scatter Plot: a bird's eye view of your entire dataset, using either image or model features, enabling filtering by any metadata
  4. Basket Manager: store collected subsets of data in baskets for export and further exploration, based on your own defined criteria

Here you can find all the information to start using Metascatter on your own data:

  1. Getting set up [Start here]
  2. Using metascatter to help with your machine learning model development [Start here]

If you have any comments or questions about the tool and usage, don't hesitate to email