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The summary page consists of key summarised details from the performance and fairness pages as well as the report details.

For more comprehensive information, please checkout the performance page and fairness page.

Report Details

The report details can be found at the top and consist of:

  • Report, Product, Dataset names
  • Audit Date, Counts, and Groups
  • Fairness Thresholds and Non Indicated Groups

Report Details and Performance Details

Performance Overview

Besides the report details is the performance overview. You can find classification or segmentation metrics for the entire dataset as well as a confusion matrix.

Radar Charts

The performance metrics can be explored further by interacting with the Performance Breakdown radar charts with counts displayed for each group.

Radar Charts

Fairness/Bias Insights

Below the Report Details and Performance Overviews is the Fairness/Bias Insights. Inside you can find, for each fairness metric, overall pass/fail state for that particular metric, as well as more specific information such as which groups passed or failed and which group was the reference group.

Fairness Details